About me

I live in the small country of Austria that lies in the middle of Europe (between Germany and Italy).
I share a house in lower Austria with my two cats Apophis and Nirrti,axolotls, african toads, giant african landsnails,
a female electric blue gecko, and who knows how many shrimplings, mourning geckos and isopods.

I grew up surrounded by nature and was always fascinated by animals others told me are "gross" or
"weird, just as big was my fascination for plushies. Through the years I practiced drawing and
sewing and started to sell my first plushies. After graduating from the Graphische in Vienna (a graphic design school)
with a diploma I decided to become an independent artist and focus on giving animals love and attention that
usually don´t get so much. Even today Nature remains my main source of inspiration and I love to spend my free
time in the woods or with my pets.

My products

All my plushies are handmade by me, a lot of passion and experience is put into each one of them.
From the sketch to the final product a lot of time passes and at the end I always hope I created something
that my customers love as much as I do!

The other products are made or printed in my studio! I handprint the T-shirts and tote bags with linoleum cuts
and special fabric paint, print my own art prints, of course sew all the plushies  and even apply the o-rings and keychains
to the charms myself.

Everything you get from me is something I personally worked on!