• How can I pay for your products?
    You can pay for them with a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

  • Is your payment secure?
When you pay via PayPal or credit card I have no access to your payment information, so yes

  • Why is it not possible to pay in USD?
I would need to pay extra taxes to convert the USD on my PayPal back to Euro which would influence the price for all people. I hope you can understand this. PayPal will calculate the right amount of money in your currency when checking out so you don´t have to do anything!


Holiday shipping for non-custom orders:
Please select XS package instead of letter, it is a lot faster and trackable

For arrival before December 25th:
Worldwide order until the 10th December
EU order until the 14th December

I cannot influence the postal service and therefore cannot refund if it arrives too late!

  • shipping information:

    depending on the amount of orders I ship once or twice a week. I have to drive to the post office in the next town so shipping more often is neither time efficient nor environmental friendly.

    the usual days for shipping are wednesday or friday.

    Artprints are always only shipped once a week as I print them on demand
    Premade products are either shipped withing 10 days but usually on the next wednesday or friday.
    custom made orders are shipped withing a month

    if you need your order to be shipped as fast as possible please select a tracked option and note it when you order. I can not promise you it will arrive on time but I will try to get it to you as fast as possible!

    thanks for your understanding and patience, I´m a one person business and simply can´t as often and fast as big companies with thousands of employees.

  • Which postal service do you use?
I send all my orders with the Post Österreich but I can´t predict which postal service will bring it to you since it varies from country to country.
    For the US it´s usually USPS and for GB the Royal Mail.

  • How long will it take?
I ship on Wednesday and Friday.

    When shipped:
    EU orders usually take 5-10 business days
    US orders usually take 7-20 business days

    For more information or to request express shipping feel free to contact me at


How much does it cost?

    Add a product to your cart and it should calculate shipping automatically. Custom fees and taxes are not included in the prices.
    Small items like stickers, charms and small plushies that are ordered with the letter/brief shipping option usually don´t require you to pay extra!

    For small items like stickers it´s usually below 1€ worldwide.

    For medium items like plush keychains, small dinosaurs, Austriadactylus plushies and toads:
    5,50€ within Europe
    10,15€ worldwide

    for big products like Spinosaurus or Diplocaulus plushies:
    10€ within Europe
    20+€ worldwide

    (this is a rough price guide not the actual shipping costs)

  • Will I get a tracking number?
You will only get one with the shipping option "PostAT-Package/Packet"

 and "PostAT-Package XS"

  • You don´t ship into my country
    Please send me an email and I will enable it for you!

Returns and Problems:

  • I don't like my item!/I ordered the wrong item!
    If it is custom made or already unresellable I can´t do anything for you but if it is still new you can return it (you need to pay return shipping and I do
    not refund the shipping costs from the original order, please keep this in mind.)
    In any case send an email to

  • My item is damaged!
Please send an image and a description to and I will send you a solution.

  • My order never arrived?

    please check your trackingnumber if you have one:
    order stuck at custom office: please contact your custom office if you are worried, you should be able to find their number on the internet but it´s not unusual for them to take a while to process thing
    order couldn´t be delivered: please contact your local postal office! they probably have it lying aroung there
    order was delivered but isn´t here: contact your postal office if they aren´t helpful let me know asap so I can call the postal company I work with and the insurance will cover everything. no worries.
    order is being sent back to me: also no worries. I will pick it up but I will need to contact you why this happened. if it was not our fault we again get this covered by insurance if you for example failed to pick it up we won´t and I have to pay 20€ for it being sent back. for that reason I only pick them up if you confirm there was an issue or you are willing to pay the extra shipping costs.

    you don´t have tracking?
    allow up to a month for EU and two months for worldwide orders (letters travel super slow sometimes idk why)
    in that time it SHOULD turns up at your adress
    if they couldn´t deliver it because "the adress doesn´t exist" they will simply send it back with no costs for either of us
    in that case I will contact you that I got your order back and ask you to confirm the adress you sent me
    if it was correct I will send it again at my costs and than fight the postal office for my money
    if it was not correct you might have to pay shipping again depending on the costs

I have another question.
No problem, send me an email at and I will do my best to help you!